Immunohistochemistry (IHC) products

Immunohistology detection of target proteins in a tissue.

There is also a derived technique, immunocytochemistry (ICC) which has the same principle but aims to localize a target protein in isolated cells.

The basis of immuno histo chemistry relies on the recognition of an antigen by a specific antibody and the development of this antigen-antibody complex by a chemical reaction by means of an enzyme and its substrate. In general, the enzyme is HRP (Horse Radish Peroxidase) or AP (Phosphatase Alkaline) and their substrates AEC and DAB for HRP or NBT / BCIP and Permanent Red for alkaline phosphatase.


It is possible to locate a single protein (single staining) or several proteins on the same tissue section (multiple staining).

Immuno histo chemistry tools (IHC):

  1. Monoclonals
  2. Primary antibodies
  3. Secondary antibodies biotinylated or directly to the enzyme
  4. Enzyme or complex of enzymes
  5. Polyclonals
  6. Substrates
  7. Revelation kits
  8. Buffers and auxiliary reagents
  9. Buffers and reagents
  10. Fish and Cish probes
  11. Buffers and reagentsChromogens for IHC
  12. Chromogens for IHCDetection kits for IHC
  13. Detection kits for IHC

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